Kelly’s Music

Kelly Weeks is a talented, young and energetic musician who began his musical career as a singer/songwriter, playing solo and with bands in the Minneapolis, Boston and Orlando areas.  After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Professional Music from the Berklee College of Music, Kelly went on to provide private lessons to students of all ages in his home town of Minneapolis in 2003. In order to further his teaching and musical abilities, Kelly completed a K-12 Instrumental Teaching License from Hamline University and completed his Master’s degree in Instrumental Education in 2011.

Kelly’s music has been used for CBS morning news, The Young and the Restless and MTV’s NEXT. It also has been used for several other MTV shows and a handful of international television series’ as well. Here you can listen to a variety of music that he has composed.  Kelly composes in many genres including: flim, pop, ragtime, Hawaiian, 8-bit, indie game music, bluegrass and old time. If you need original music for your project you can email Kelly at for a quote.

Soundcloud Page

Variety Playlist

Dropbox Downloads

Film Music

Silk Road

Call To Arms

Rough Seas


Jungle Infiltration

Dance of Gibraltar

The Plains





Love Drunk

Dance Party

Sandy Shores

On The Go


Ragtime/Old Time Piano



The Great Depression